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How do you decide which character gets what level? (i.e. Mega, Ultimate, DNA)

This is a very good question that does not have a very good answer. 

At first the plan was for them all to have Megas, then I realize that designing 3 advanced forms (baby, in training, and rookie forms are usually pretty straightforward) advanced forms could get very tricky quite fast. 

At first it was kind of random: I did the ones I liked or had ideas for. Some I planned to do in the future and just didn’t. Some of the digimon I just ran out of good material to use (i’m sure there are plenty of ideas for some, I just only can have so many good ones per week). There were also some that just didn’t seem to have the personalities for Mega digimon. I think what kind of forms each tamer gets says a bit about them. 

What has also sometimes happens, is I do the champion, ultimate and mega and the ultimate form is kinda “eh.” If I ever feel like one of the forms is just there as a stepping stone to the higher level I try to weed it out if possible. Sometimes I just decided there wasn’t going to be a replacement for the mega. 

Eventually, when I sat down and actually started to plan out what I had done and was going to do (because I was getting so confused), I settled on ten tamers having the ability to have Mega forms. This stemmed out of the fact that I like even numbers and I came up with a mental plot reason to match. I decided to stick with that number because it worked pretty well and it echoed the first season of the anime where only Tai and Matt could do the mega thing. 

Anyway, short answer: As much as I hate to admit it: Preference and limitations.

Wreck it Ralph digimon please?

Hello anon! 

I am going to be obnoxious before I answer because I never get anons. I am excited. 

Short answer: No. 

Long answer: No, not right now. 

I do have a few ideas for WIR that I quite like and I hope to use one day, but it didn’t make the cut for this batch. 

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Part 9!

This week we have some overdue characters who I felt deserved their own digimon!

Phillip is the partly original character I was discussing last week. He’s based visually on the Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, there are two dashing heroes in the disney canon named Phillip so it felt like an appropriate name. He serves as the “Prince” characters for a lot of the princesses whose love interests didn’t make the (my) cut. As befitting a royal prince, he got a squirrel. 

As for Jasmin: I’ve been wanting to do a ridiculous large building digimon for a while, and the tiger motif of the cave of wonders seemed to fit pretty well. She’s also a very sheltered kid, and I liked the symbolism of her being able to trap others herself.  (I don’t know if this needs saying: but her last form is just an ultimate, not an ultimate and a mega).

Anyway. Have some new Disneymon!

Next Week: Vagrant characters are arriving who may be a bit of a departure from the norm. 

Oh I wouldn't have expected them that way, obviously the matching humans would be Cody and/or Penny, but it's quite alright, I understand that you had planned in a certain way.

I probably should have clarified that. 

Honestly, I haven’t seen the movie in a very long time. My animal example was more general, but it would apply to that movie as well. 

Like I said, there are a bunch of movies and characters I did not get to or I’m not sure how to represent yet. Doesn’t mean I’m never going to do them. c<

Are you going to do Disneymons for the Rescuers? I suspect/hope unless you burn out, every movie will go through, but I'm curious ^_^;;

This is a very interesting idea that I’m disappointed to tell you I am not going to do right now. I am sorry. 

This reminds me of something else: one of my rules for the Disneymon series was that I wasn’t going to make any animals into people (You’re not going to see a Bambi with a Bambimon at this point in time, sorry to anyone who was looking forward to him). 

I would also like to say that there are only going to be 2 more weeks of Disneymon editions right now. I made a list of characters that I wanted to cover a few months ago and I am actually reaching the end. So. There will probably be 6 more Disneymon at this point in time. There may be more in the future, but I need to take a break at some point, and this was as good as any. 

However, do not fret. I’ve still got some fan favorites left to come, and I hope some surprises that ya’ll won’t see coming. c: